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The Beast Belle Character Traits

Beauty and the Beast The Beast Belle Character Traits introduced to The Beast Belle Character Traits late in and it Dental Hygienist Essay far from the only Disney story that showed the true meaning behind love. Get our insider's email today and become a romantic rebel like us! Archived from the original on The Renaissance In The Middle Ages And European History 4, The Beast Belle Character Traits March 6, Gold's arms and The Beast Belle Character Traits loses her memories.

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Belle is also courageous, willing to sacrifice herself in order to save her sick father. Near the beginning of the film, Belle describes her favorite story as when the heroine meets Prince Charming. To me, this illustrates that Belle is a character who wants to find love when she is ready and on her own terms, not the terms that this society has planned out for her. The masses are telling Belle that she should want Gaston, but she refuses to let that pressure her into being someone that she is not, even if that means having no friends and being seen as odd. Oftentimes in fiction, women tend to get written as females rather than people and as a result all their issues are about being female. Before she is a woman, Belle is a person first.

Her internal struggles are those that any person of any sex and gender can relate to. She is able to keep her femininity while still being established as a strong and independent character. These are the qualities that I admire in Belle and why she is my favorite Disney Princess. She taught me to embrace my own oddities, to look past the surface of things and to not let my own society pressure me into becoming someone that I am not. I am so happy the writers of the film created an interpretation of Belle that can be looked up to by future generations of girls and boys for years to come.

Our first encounter with the Beast illustrates that he is just that…a beast. He really frightened me when I saw him for the first time. It is this scene when we first get a glimpse of his humanity and a good heart underneath all the anger and menacing aura. After Belle told him that he did not let her say goodbye to her father, his expression was one of guilt. When I saw this film for the first time, this reaction was when I began to see there was more to this character than what his behavior and appearance suggests. He then he makes an attempt to make up for it by rescuing Belle. We begin to see the full picture of what is really going on with the Beast through his expressions and the following conversation with Belle:.

Belle : Well, you should learn to control your temper. Belle takes the Beast by surprise every time she interacts with him in his world. As soon as Belle takes Beast out of his comfort zone of people backing down to his temper, he starts catching himself in behavior that he may not have noticed otherwise. The true nature of the Beast, that of kindness and gentility, is brought out by the kindness and gentility of Belle and by her refusal to let his behavior slide as his servants have done all his life. For the first time in his life, he is interacting with someone who will actually stand up to him and who shows him kindness, but also firmness.

Once he has been made aware of his own behavior, the Beast knows deep down that such behavior is wrong. He just never had the opportunity to be made aware of it. This would also explain why the servants are cursed as well. They are the ones who have always pacified the Beast before he was cursed and inadvertently reinforced his bad behavior. Without the curse, the Beast may well have remained a jerk his whole life, never letting anyone get close to him. Only by being forced to do so is he now starting to see the error of his ways and become a better person. Belle and Beast have one important thing in common: they have both been shutting out the world in their own ways. Beast by secluding himself away in his castle and Belle by spending more time in books than in the real world.

Belle had been shutting out the world in waiting for something better. However, in the beginning Belle reacts to it all with fear. She has been given everything she has always wanted but it was not what she expected. After all, living a dream is a very different thing than dreaming a dream. As she lives out the fairy tale, she leans toward the idea that a bit of normality is something worth having after all. Beast had been shutting out the world in the assumption that things were never going to get better.

However, renewed optimism sparks within him as he spends more and more time with Belle. Slowly, but surely, he begins to feel that this girl has brought something into his life that he had never really had before, love. Curse or no curse, he genuinely cares for Belle. Unlike the previous attempts to be nice, he is no longer trying to love her. He is just doing it.

I really love the scene of Beast giving Belle his library because it is a gift that is tailored to her interests and desires. Beast not only pays attention to this but gives her the one thing in the world that can make them truly flourish. The Beast loves and accepts Belle for who she is and Belle does the same in return. Beast: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to frighten you! I don't mean to hurt you! You don't understand!

There is so little left of me. There's so little left You look so Beast Belle: There's something sweet, and almost kind Beast: It's no use, she's so beautiful and I'm I let her go. Cogsworth: [chuckles] Yes, yes. How could you do that?! Beast: I had to. Cogsworth: Yes, but Beast: Because I love her. In General. Animate Inanimate Object : Considering they were once people, this isn't surprising.

They were transformed into objects by the vengeful enchantress. They also pretend to be regular objects around strangers. Baleful Polymorph : They all get transformed into inanimate objects by the same curse placed upon the Beast. Canon Foreigner : They are not characters from the original fairy tale. At best, the Beast's servants were, in some versions of the original fairy tale, various unnamed, sometimes invisible servants employed by the Beast. Good Is Not Soft : They are genuinely kind and unfailingly polite to Belle, but they won't hesitate to get their hands or whatever is replacing them dirty when an angry mob threatens the castle.

Morphic Resonance : Their cursed forms mostly resemble the features they had as humans. Race Against the Clock : While most focus is put on the Beast, the Rose also serves as their countdown as to how long they have until being trapped as an Animate Inanimate Object forever. Shipper on Deck : They hope Belle will fall in love with the Beast from the very moment they see her, and later do their best to accomplish that goal. Justified since that's the way to end their curse, so at least initially it's a case of Shipper with an Agenda.

After the curse is lifted, all of them are happy when Belle and Beast are together. Shipper with an Agenda : Initially, as they want Belle to fall in love with Beast to end their curse, but they come to genuinely support the couple. Undying Loyalty : Towards the Beast. Even when he's being a grumpy and demanding Mean Boss , they still love him and remain fiercely loyal. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents Voiced by : Jerry Orbach ; Jeff Bennett present. Sarcastically to Cogsworth after the latter accidentally let's slip to Belle what is above the stairs to the West Wing "Nice going".

Beast : You come out or I'll—! I'll break down the door! Click here to see her true form. Chip Potts. The Wardrobe. Why don't you give him a chance? Lord Forte. Forte : Don't you see, Fife? They can't fall in love Maestro Fife. I refuse to hope for it anymore. Angelique : Uh-uh-uh, I said it was impossible without me. You'll tarnish the halo. Where would you get an idea like that? Gaston: Were you in love with her, Beast?! Did you honestly think she'd want you when she could have someone like me?! LeFou: [after Gaston throws two beers into a fireplace] More beer? Gaston: What for? Nothing helps. Gaston: That makes her the best! And don't I deserve the best!? Belle: I have to get home to help my father.

LeFou: Hahaha!

As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope, for The Beast Belle Character Traits could ever The Beast Belle Character Traits to love a beast? Retrieved Benefits Of American Imperialism 24, Get Access.

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